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Sarah Clairaudient psychic

Sarah Ext: 17176

I get images and impressions through your voice when you call. Much like watching a movie the impressions give me information about you and your questions. My accuracy is very high and it is important to me to give clear response so you can move forward with confidence.  

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Abilities Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, Dream analyst, Empath, Channeling, Medium, Healer
Expertise Career/work, Deceased loved ones, Destiny/life path, Family/home, Lost people/objects, Love/relationships, Money/finance, Pets/animals, Spiritual development
Style Straightforward

About me

Susan has been in demand as a professional psychic for over 40 years. She has consulted with world leaders, celebrities and everyday people through teaching, writing and conducting past-life regressions. Susan was trained in "remote viewing" by her father who was a "spy" in the U.S. Army. She feels this attributed greatly to opening her psychic abilities. Clients feel confident in knowing the outcome of their inquiry and future events. 

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