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Tonii Clairvoyant psychic Astrology Cards Runes No tools

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Tarot, Astrology, Relationships, Runes, Dreams, Healing, Crystals

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Abilities Clairvoyant, Dream analyst, Empath, Energy sender, Healer
Expertise Destiny/life path, Love/relationships, Spiritual development, Money/finance, Career/work
Tools Astrology, Cards, Runes, No tools
Style Compassionate

About me

Toni began to remember dreams and messages as a child and has retained these abilities. Trained in several modalities, Toni incorporates power crystals into her practice helping her radiate healing energy. Intuitive and empathetic powers give her the ability to feel people's pain as she helps them to visualize overcoming it. Toni is a self-trained astrologist and Tarot card reader capable of visualizing love and helping people in their lives.

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