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Daniel Straightforward psychic Cards

Daniel Ext: 16035

A spiritual counselor who assists his clients to find their answers through their Higher Selves, using Tarot, astrology, and guided visualization. I am an experienced Psychic who is accurate and detailed. I can give you your answers fast and will help you with Relationships, and Personal Matters

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Abilities Clairvoyant
Expertise Career/work, Destiny/life path, Love/relationships, Money/finance, Spiritual development
Tools Cards
Style Straightforward

About me

Daniel is a trained, intuitive spiritual counselor and Tarot reader who works on a very high metaphysical/psychic level (the quantum psychic field) to read his client's Higher Self, which holds all the answers and guidance for them to have a progressively more joyous, serene and prosperous life. Using an advanced, esoteric psychic divination technique (far beyond fortune telling), the client receives practical guidance from the higher realms.

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